What’s the difference?

Firstly, it is important to understand that Dynamics NAV acts as the predecessor to Dynamics 365 BC.

NAV forms part of the ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite created by Microsoft to provide a complete solution in assisting enterprise managers to manage the workload, while increasing their performance. Dynamics NAV can only be operated on-site, and not in the cloud.

The difference between NAV and 365 BC is not in the solution of the product, but rather in the platform that each solution uses. Dynamics NAV is installed on local servers, and can only be implemented and operated directly on site. Whereas Dynamics 365 BC is hosted on the cloud. Dynamics 365 BC includes all the applications and functionality of Dynamics NAV, but is redesigned to work effortlessly and coherently on the cloud.

Business Central offers the ability to download and install applications and extensions (created by independent vendors from the Microsoft AppSource), allowing you to test, explore, keep or uninstall the extensions according to your needs. This option was not available for Dynamics NAV. 365 BC provides an integrated experience that can be accessed anywhere at any time, because it is hosted on the cloud. It allows for more efficient workflow, and provides the possibility to work remotely

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